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Entreprises JN‘s team has more than 15 years of experience in the window film industry. Our prioritiesare your satisfaction and your peace of mind. We offer the solar film, for comfort and energy-saving, thesecurity or anti-intrusion film to protect you and the decorative film from beautifying! We present ourrange of security film that will meet your protection needs, both residential and commercial.

We also have an anti-graffiti film that will protect your windows against all graffiti. Also, we offer ourvisor films, real screens before the power of the sun. Finally, to provide you with a trendy design, wehave a wide selection of decorative films.

Safe protection for your home, with the anti-intrusion window film

In the event of an accident or if intruders would break your windows, glass shards could injure you oryour family. Entreprises JN’s anti-intrusion film can reduce this risk and, at the same time, prevent theloss and theft of your property.

Reduce the cost of your air conditioning with the solar window film

With the solar window film, you will save a lot of money during summertime. Also, this film will givecachet to your building by providing comfort and style. Finally, the solar film will help reduce yourecological footprint while substantially reducing your electricity costs.

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Our Products

pellicule-solaireThe solar film: for comfort and energy-saving!
pellicule-decorative-iconThe decorative film: to embellish or to make places more discreet!
pellicule-securite-iconThe security film: to protect yourself or to make your building safe!
pellicule-graffitiThe anti-graffiti film: to protect yourself or to make your building free from vandalism!
pellicule-anti-infrarougeThe anti-infrared film: to protect you from the sun or to make your building invulnerable!

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