Installation of frosted decorative film for glazed spaces and office towers

At Entreprises JN, we install frosted decorative films and frosted films for all types of glass and glazing.Whether it is for a residential or commercial installation, these films are trendy because of their manyadvantages, such as beautifying the premises without compromising the layout.

See on this picture how a simple strip of frosted decorative film, matching the company’s image, makes the work environment much more pleasant to look at it. Also, the level of opacity chosen makes spaces without walls much more discreet, without the feeling of suffocation felt by the presence of drywalls or partitions.

Installation of frosted film for commercial spaces

We offer a wide range of frosted films to cover your commercial spaces’ windows; the possibilities arelimitless! Whether you want to completely cover a window with semi-frosted film to prevent peoplefrom peeking or you want a longitudinal strip placed in strategic places to make the site more intimateand aesthetic, we have the film for your needs.

The installation of the frosted decorative film is simple, and you will not have to interrupt youroperations or close your premises during the process.

This picture shows a nearly opaque frosted film, making visibility practically impossible both ways. The upper part is not covered, allowing light to penetrate; the bottom part is not covered to give an impression of grandeur from the inside. Contact us now for information