Who are we ?

Company profile

Entreprises JN is a young and innovative Quebec company. Our vision of the future is the cornerstone ofour development, as demonstrated by our achievements. You will be able to see that we are thecompany you need to carry out your window film projects.

Since our beginnings, we have developed a substantial experience, built on the quality of our productsand our facilities. Besides, we promote competitive and affordable prices. Finally, a satisfied customer isour priority; we offer you an exceptional after-sales service. Do not hesitate to contact us; we will behappy to answer all your questions!

What sets up apart is our after-sale service, the quality of our work and the attention we pay to our customers!

Products Adapted To Your Needs

We are proud of our expertise in the installation of security, solar and decorative films. Also, we arepleased to present you with excellent products, such as the film to protect your windows: we thusensure your security at the office, in your business or at your home by applying a security film, thethickness of which ranges from five-thousandths to twenty-thousandths of an inch.We are also aware of the sun’s effects on your windows: extreme heat, loss of energy, glare, etc. 3Mcertifies us for the application of solar films that cut 99% of ultraviolet (UV) rays. Consequently, thisprevents discoloration of fabrics, woodwork, photos, etc.

To conclude, we also offer a variety of decorative films (frosted, sanded, etc.), diversified lettering andinfinite sets of signalling symbols.