The 3M solar window film helps your building in several ways:

Energy saving

The 3M solar window film reflects heat, saving nearly a tonne of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from air conditioning systems per year (per 100 square feet of a window exposed to the sun).In winter, our 3M all-season window film retains up to 30% of the heat inside the building. Contact us now !

More pleasant atmosphere

The 3M window film blocks up to 88% of solar heat and reduces glare by up to 82%, which increases your building’s usable space and improves tenants' comfort. When a 3M window film is installed, your building’s temperature is managed by your heating system and not by the position of the sun.

Looks great

The 3M window film produces the uniform and attractive appearance of premium glazing, making your building more attractive to existing and potential tenants. As an added benefit, the 3M night vision window film provides a more transparent night vision from the inside.

Extended durability!

The 3M solar window film blocks 99% of ultraviolet (UV) rays, helping to extend the life of floor coverings and office furnishings. The abrasion-resistant film coating, combined with the advanced 3M adhesive, help ensure consistent long-term performance (20 years and over). After this time has elapsed, the film can be removed and replaced.