What motivates us? Satisfied customers. Simply

Entreprises JN is a young innovative Quebec company. Our vision for the future is the cornerstone of our development, as evidenced by our accomplishments, which we invite you to view. You will find that we are the company you need in your window film projects.

Since our beginnings, we have developed a solid experience, built on the quality of our products and our installations. In addition, we promote competitive and affordable prices. Ultimately, a satisfied customer is our priority; that is why we offer you exceptional after-sales service. Do not hesitate to contact us; We will be happy to answer all of your questions!



Provide a friendly and ultra professional experience for our customers. Make sure clients are “WoWer” after each project. Find the little extra you can add to it, always be in solution mode, turnkey to our customers, without any obstacles. It must be super simple and easy to deal with us.

Team Work

Provide our teammates with a positive and stable mood every day. Work in synergy with other team members to lighten the work environment. Releasing energy and a positive speech regardless of the situation in front of you, that’s a real teamwork and being professional.


Stand out as a consultant and leader in film installation in Quebec. Stand out for our external ease and internal efficiency in leading a project from start to finish. Stand out for the quality of our films and the expertise behind each of our installations.


Be individually committed to optimizing and making each project profitable. Turn the obstacles in front of you into leverage for business growth. Ask yourself how we can avoid this in the future and work on the solution. The company is nothing without its team, so let’s grow together with an attitude of fun and performance.

What sets us apart is our after-sales service,
the quality of our work as well as the attention we pay to our customers!

Products adapted to your needs.

We are proud of our know-how in the installation of security, solar and decorative films. In addition, we are happy to present you excellent products, such as the film for the protection of your windows: we thus ensure your safety in the office, in your business or at your residence by applying a security film, of which the thickness ranges from five thousandths to twenty thousandths of an inch.

In addition, we are aware of the effects of the sun on your windows: extreme heat, loss of energy, glare, etc. We are certified by 3M for the application of solar films that cut 99% of ultraviolet (UV) rays. Consequently, this prevents fading of fabrics, woodwork, photos, etc.

To conclude, we also offer a variety of decorative films (frosted, sandblasted, etc.), diverse lettering as well as an unlimited set of signage symbols.