Long live the comfort with UV filter window film and infrared rejection window film

UV filter window film has a large potential of heat reflectionThis favors energy savings and improve comfort In addition, it reduces fading due to ultraviolet rays. It will extend the life of furniture and fabrics in your home or business. It also reduces glare and eye discomfort. Entreprises JN UV filter window film and infrared rejection window film. They are on the cutting edge of technology and will bring you comfort!

  • Low reflectivity improves visibility and panoramic views
  • Provides great protection against glass chips
  • Excellent for curtain walls, skylights and commerce storefront
  • Reduces the risk of thermal breakage
  • Highest visible light transmission
  • Avoid interference with communications with a film without metal plating


  • Your buildings are equipped with windows exposed to the sunlight ?
  • Does temperature is high inside when its sunny outside ?
  • Your energy bill is much more expensive in summer ?
  • Your climatisation is overburdened due to an excessive use ?
  • You want to keep the look of your building ?


With 3M UV filter window film, you reduce discomfort at work or at home by the same time you will reduce your energy bill. However, you will retain all the benefits of daytime light as well as appearance of your building.
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