Company Profil

JN Enterprises is a young innovative Quebec company, our vision is the driving force of our development and achievements faithfully support this idea. Take the time to check it out! You will then be able to remember that we are the company for your potential projects for decorative film for your windows, solar film or protective film.

We strongly promote competitive and affordable prices. Our customer service is a priority with us and our main goal is to have customers who are satisfied. You may contact our company at any time and it is with pleasure that we bring more details on all your questions.

What differs us from others is our customer service, the quality of our work and the care of our customer.

All the Products for your needs

We are proud of our expertise. Our technicians are the best to install security film, decorative film and also sun control films. We are glad to present you excellent products for your window.

By applying a safety film thus the thickness can vary from five to twenty thousandth mil will ensure your safety at work, in your business or home. We all know the effect of the sun on your windows (extreme heat, loss of energy, glare).

We are certified by 3M to the application of solar film. Call those who know ! Also We offer different ranges of solar films that cut 99% of UV rays. it will prevent fading of your fabrics and woodwork. Sun control film has several additional features. You should call us to know more Finally, we also offer a variety of decorative film (frosted, sandblasted, ect.) and  And we also offer many lettering and an unlimited set of design


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